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Plantes vertes dans une maison


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Green your office or workspace

The Plan Vert team, based in Uccle, can provide you with all kinds of decorative plants, both traditional and luxurious. We can install them for hire or purchase, depending on your preferences, and we also offer a wide choice of different types of containers that can be matched to the decoration of your spaces.

Choose from a wide range of plants, standard or unusual, on a permanent or temporary basis.

  • Indoor decorative plants: offices, professional premises, etc.

  • Outdoor decorative plants: terraces, balconies, ornamental gardens, etc.

On request, we can also provide a full maintenance service (omnium) for your indoor plants: watering, feeding, pruning, dust removal, replacement, etc.


A tailor-made plant arrangement for your event

Our team is also at your service to create themed decorations using plants, plant arrangements and mini-gardens specially selected for the occasion.

We offer services for all types of events.

We can help you to choose pots and tubs to match your decor. We have a huge choice of styles available!

We design public and private spaces with the plants and plant creations of your choice, according to your requirements. We can also advise you on the plants best suited to the location based on a number of criteria:

  • the amount of light;

  • the space available;

  • the level of humidity in the room;

  • ambient temperature;

  • etc.

For many years, we have worked on a variety of temporary events, and we have also created original plant projects designed to last longer.

Install a plant wall or decorative frame 

We can install plant walls and decorative plant frames on request. The plants selected for these decorations are so-called stabilised plants, which require no maintenance.

A helpful team that listens


Our family-run business is keen to maintain a human touch and offer flexible services, entirely focused on the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers. We aim to offer you personalised support and a real sense of service.

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Contact us to prepare and install your floral and plant arrangements.

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